At the present stage of beauty industry development in the field of permanent makeup, there is only one method of pigment removal. Pigments of any colour and shade, pigments with any of the components, pigments with any particle size, tattoo removal made artisanal (gel pen, burnt rubber, ink, Rotring etc) can be removed from the skin with REJUVI Remover.

Rejuvi Tattoo Removal is the process of removing pigment from the skin, fundamentally different from the laser method. It is based on a unique biochemical process, aimed at extracting of the coloring pigment and not at its fragmentation.
Rejuvi Tattoo Remover is suspension manufactured according to a special formula which contains derived metal oxides and their transition states in the amounts of the respective pigments. In addition to the similarity in physical properties, there is a similarity in the chemical composition, which suggests their good miscibility.
During the physical contact of Rejuvi remover with the pigment in the skin their components are mixed . Components of Rejuvi remover are not able to stabilize in the skin (as pigments), so they are rejected and removed from the skin simultaneously removing pigment.
The percentage of successfully removed permanent make-up is 99.9% if the procedure is performed professionally-competently. The particle size of the coloring pigment and tattoo pigment for permanent makeup is different which makes the process of removing tattoo pigments longer than removing permanent makeup pigments.
The depth of tattoo pigments in the body is also deeper than the same tattoo pigments and pigments for permanent makeup on the face.
So because of the necessity of the implementation of the physical contact of Remover components with pigment, a deeper treatment of the working surface area is needed.
Because of this fact, pigment is removed from deep layers, there is the possibility of scar formation ( the probability is about 5 %).
Laser removal affects the change in the skin density and physicochemical properties of coloring pigments, that influences on the efficiency of removal with Rejuvi tattoo remover. This effect is almost unpredictable and may be both accelerating factor and decelerating factor in the process of removing pigment from the skin.
“Age” of permanent make up and tattoo doesn’t have significant impact on the result of the removal.
The unique properties of Rejuvi remover allow to remove the pigment even after the procedure of its introduction!
Professional usage of Rejuvi remover is allowed only to specialists who were specially trained.



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