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Product Description

Vitamin A, also called retinol, is a yellow, soluble in fats is in the yolk, butter, carrots and other vegetables. It is an essential nutrient that helps obtain and maintain normal skin. Vitamin A is recognized as a normalizer that can undo the changes caused on the skin, including pre-cancerous cells.
In addition, wit. A is one of the most potent anti-utleniczy. Vitamin A has some derivatives such as: terinylu acetate, propionate, palmitate, etc. These derivatives are generally more stable than vitamin A poasiadają has similar properties. Both vitamin A and its derivatives have a clear yellow color and have the chemical name “retinoid”.
Due to the low stability of the retinoids very small number of them are on the market.
In 1989. Rejuvi Laboratory Inc., has developed a complex of vitamin A in order to stabilize the retinoid. Night Gel (Rejuvi “and” Night Gel) is sold commercially successful as a product for home care. Now, this unique concept of a complex of vitamin A has been developed to the highest level in Formula Rejuvi retinoid, designed for professional skin care.
The main benefits of this:
high anti-oxidation and leaching of free elements,
Power regenerative operation of the collagen and elastin.
komórkek neutralization of the skin and prevention of skin cancer.
alleviate acne and pimples,
complement of alpha-hydroxyl.


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